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Year 3/4 – Derwent

Welcome to Derwent Class

                                                                                Welcome to Derwent Class 1 Derwent Class Assembly

Derwent Class Staff


Mrs Coote (Class Teacher)  Mrs Griffiths (Teaching Assistants)

What's happening in Derwent Class?


Welcome to existing and new pupils and parents to the Derwent Class page. Here you will find useful information about what is going on in the classroom, homework tasks, educational visits, copies of letters, timetables, dates and so on. I try very hard to keep it up to date but please let me know if you can't find the information you need.

We also like to share good news about how our pupils are doing and show you photos and examples of our great work. So do check out this page on a regular basis. 

This year, I am hoping to involve the children more in deciding what they want to see on our Derwent Class page, so look out for their contributions.


Breaking News!

27th November 2019  Scandinavia topic enrichment

This afternoon we welcomed Mr Neil Hunt to Derwent Class.  Mr Hunt owns "Nordicana" in Belper: a shop full of lovely Scandinavian items. He has traveled to various parts of Scandinavia and was kind enough to come into class and share his knowledge and experiences. We saw a presentation about the environment and climate in Scandinavia and had a session learning about Scandinavian design. The children were very interested and well engaged: I am proud of their good behaviour and the thoughtful questions they asked.



The flutes have been out.

Our flute teacher is really pleased with the progress the children have made so far. We can all make a sound with the flutes and make funny noises with the mouth piece (on purpose)!



Wednesday 4th December is our last swimming lesson this term. We start again on Wednesday January 15th 2010

We'll have 5 lessons this term starting the first week back, then we have a break leading up to the Christmas holidays.

You can find information on swimming dates at the end of this page. 



After Christmas we will be engaging in a technology activity for which your child will need a half dozen cardboard egg box. Please save one when you have the chance. Thank you.



Your child has a homework book. Each term, they will have an overview sheet of spellings for 6 weeks. Each week they will also have a particular list from that overview to learn and a related activity to complete at home. This should be stuck in their homework book and returned to school on Tuesday of each week.

A times table or maths skills task will also be set. If it is practical or verbal, I ask that parents write a short comment about what the child did. Sheets can be stuck in the homework book. 

If homework tasks are lost, your child can find the spelling lists and times tables on this page. Any reasonable effort to show they have practised the set work is acceptable even if it is not the set task. e.g. copying the list twice, writing the words in sentences, using a dictionary, using an app, making a word search or quiz, parent signs to say times tables were practised 3 times in the car etc.

We are also introducing our Creative Homework tasks. 6 to 8 tasks will be set each term which are linked to other areas of the curriculum: Art, Music, Geography, History, Design and Technology, PE, computing etc. These tasks will be in their homework books. Your child can select one or more of these short projects to complete during the term then bring them in in the final week to share with class mates. I would encourage parents to get involved with these projects if you can-they are intended to be entirely flexible and fun: a great opportunity for you to be involved with your child's learning, especially if you have a strength in a particular area.


We've had some great projects coming in and we are building a wonderful exhibition in the classroom. Thank you for your great support.


All homework is set on Tuesday and is to be handed in by the following Tuesday. Merits are given for regularly completing and handing in homework. 



Some children may need help with understanding the meanings of some of the words on our lists. It helps to hear them in a sentence or to look them up in a dictionary. We have been practising different ways of learning our spellings at school.


Remember you can FOCUS ON FIVE if you are finding it difficult to learn all ten spellings.


Sentence Words Group list:  high frequency words



Year 3  Group list: adding the suffix -ly : words  using ally.

basically   frantically   dramatically   magically   tragically   comically   actually   accidentally 

occasionally    eventually


Year 4  Group list: the suffix cian

musician   politician   electrician   magician   mathematician   dietician   statistician    technician   clinician    beautician


 *X tables homework: 


 Year 3:  X4 secure the basic number facts


Year 4:  X4  work on speed in mixed up order


 *Creative Tasks: 

Your child's choice. Please do get involved if you can.


*Flute Practice:

Ask your child to show you how to blow the mouth piece.

They can use their index finger as the flute.


Reading in Derwent Class and at home.

Reading continues to be a key skill for your child to develop. It is still really important for your child to read regularly and discuss the texts they are reading.

Every child develops reading skills in a Guided Reading lesson twice a week with Mrs Coote.

We also try to hear every child read at least once individually in school.


You can really help by listening to your child read their reading book regularly at home.  Please record this reading in your child's planner: children with 3 or more home reads in a week get a merit on Friday and could be our Reader of the Week.

MERRY CHRISTMAS..................MERRY CHRISTMAS.....................HO HO HO