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Snow Day Work


- Practice this weeks spellings (you can find them in your homework book). 

- Use a dictionary or the internet to find the definitions for each spelling word, then write them down.



- Practice your times tables. You could use TT Rockstars, the White Rose 1 Minute Maths app or Purple Mash. You could also write them out on paper. 

- Make a poster to teach somebody different ways to learn and practice their times tables (e.g. reciting them, learning songs, counting on your fingers, using diagrams.) Could you have a go at using some of these strategies yourself? 



Write down at least 3 nouns you can think of about a snowy day. 


Write down at least 3 adjectives to describe the nouns you would find on a snowy day. 


Write down at least 3 verbs to tell us what those nouns might be doing on a snowy day. 


Write down at least 3 adverbs to describe how they might doing it.


Now use the nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs you wrote down to create some expanded noun phrases and sentences about a snowy day.


Next, write those sentences out in your neatest handwriting, you could even decorate your page.


Guided Reading

- Snuggle up with a book. Get cosy and enjoy reading for pleasure 📖😊

Get Active

If your grown ups will let you, spend some time outside playing in the snow! 

Can you build a snowman? 

Can you make a snow angel? 

Will you make snowballs? 



Have a look out the window, or use your imagination! 

Create a snowy scene. 

You can use whatever media you want. You could use paint, crayons, pencil, lego, playdough, junk model, whatever you can think of! 🎨🖼️


Can you find out about somewhere where it snows a LOT?

Where in the world is that place? 

Why does it snow so often there? 

How does it affect peoples lives? 

How do people manage the impact of the snow there? 


Extra Activities

If all that hasn't kept you busy enough, you could try making paper snowflakes.

Follow the instructions below if you can't remember how to make them! ❄️

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