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Year 5/6 – Wye


Please click on the Kingfisher icons below to find the Learning From Home Tasks for this week.

There are challenges in all the Kingfisher subjects, check out the message from Mrs Matthews and Mrs Dodd and most importantly, spare a few moments for the amazing work in our Wye Class Gallery.



Easter Holiday Activities

Please see below links to two documents.


1. REACH FOR THE STARS activity grid.


2. TRIPS OUT WHILE YOU'RE IN - Virtual trips whilst you are keeping safe at home.


Wishing you all a very Happy Easter Holiday.

Enjoy the Reach for the Stars activities and the Virtual Trips.

Keep Safe!

#Keep washing those hands.

Mrs Matthews & Mrs Dodd




Picture 1 by Ella


Hello Team Wye,


I hope that you have had a good weekend.


Remember to read every day and also don't forget TT Rock Stars.


Tasks for this week: 


Year 5 - Purple Mash daily English and Maths Tasks.


Year 6 - For your daily English and Maths tasks - Please open the attached file below marked: 

Maths Spag Reading 30.3.20 YEAR 6


WYE CHALLENGE (Year 5 & 6)  - POLAR REGIONS PROJECT  Please open the attached file below marked:

Polar Regions Project  30.3.20 Wye Class


Please complete the Project this week, photograph your creations  and then email them to me on Purple Mash. Any problems ask your adult to email them to my school email:


Have a great week and keep in touch with each other.  Don't forget Wednesday is April Fools' day.


#Keep washing those hands.


Take care!


Mrs Matthews




Hello Wye Class


Hope you are well and are having a good weekend. (Remember it is Mothering Sunday).


Daily English & Maths tasks are on Purple Mash  - don't forget to check your 2Dos.


Please find below other tasks for next week which you should record in your school book.




1. Write a newspaper article with illustrations about Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica. This is in addition to the task on Purple Mash.


2. Science - with adult support please test which material will best keep an ice cube and porridge at their required temperature.  Remember the work we have done in class this term about thermal conductors and thermal insulators. Record your investigation in your book. 


Science Investigation



What are you trying to find out?






What do you think will happen?







How are you going to carry out the investigation?





What did you find out?




Why did it happen – What have you learned?

Was your prediction correct?





3. At Milford we want to send hope to our community - please make a very colourful RAINBOW and display it in your window to bring a smile to our world. 


Have a great week and remember any problems to email me.


Children  - Purple mash email    

Parents email -


Have Fun and keep washing your hands.


Mrs Matthews



 We know the pupils of Wye Class won't want to miss out on learning if they have to miss school because of the Corona Virus. You can look at the planning document below to help you see the kinds of things that Wye Class are learning about and watch this space for additional learning activities which you could do at home if necessary.


The BBC Bitesize site is fantastic for all sorts of curriculum activities. Have a look and see what you can find related to our learning or just something that interests you. 

Log onto Purple Mash and practise your times tables, complete an English task or look up a Science Activity. Look out for 2dos being set which are more directly linked to classroom learning.

Don't forget to improve your Rock Star status at Times Tables Rock Stars and don't forget that you can do battles with your friends.


Read regularly: try to read a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. If possible, discuss your reading with someone. Perhaps write a review. 

Writing: Write a story similar to one you have read or just something you would like to read. Consider different story genres: science fiction, fantasy, adventure, spooky, funny, mystery. If you're not sure what they are-look it up.  For a bit of variety, have a go at writing some non-fiction: letter, report (about a hobby or current issue) a explanation, biography of someone you admire,  instructions about how to do/make something. Remember that it is really important to keep up your quality writing standards even though you are not in school- handwriting, grammar, punctuation are still just as important.


Maths: You can find lots of sheets to print out on the site Maths Drills to practise basic arithmetic skills and there are interactive activities at BBC Bitesize and Top Marks. 

As an alternative, you could get practical with your maths: do some measuring for model making, ask if you can do some baking: there's a lot of weighing involved, create different charts and graphs to show information about your family or friends. Use Purple Mash email to create word problems and puzzles and send them to your classmates- perhaps they'll send one back.


Project: Create your own topic about something that you are interested in. It could link to one of our Curriculum areas in school. Carry out research and create a file, book, powerpoint, poster etc all about it. What different aspects can you include? What different skills can you use- writing, graphs, charts, model making, photography, computer skills, art etc.

Have a go-see what you can do. Everything should be at least school quality...or even better.





Happy New Year and welcome back.



This half term our learning is largely based around the question, "How does adversity make us stronger?"

We are researching earthquakes and volcanoes and looking at ways of helping people facing challenges in their lives through natural disasters. 

Please continue to support your child to complete their homework challenges, they clearly enjoy sharing their creations across school and having them displayed in our classroom.  

Thank you for your continual support.

Mrs Matthews and Mrs Dodd.




Design and Technology

Wyle class have worked together in groups to design, make and evaluate marble runs.  They invited Kinder class to come and try them out.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Welcome to Wye Class!


Picture 1

On Tuesday 9th December we had a visit from Mr. Zak Goodwin the Catering Service Manager who is the  Environmental Lead for Derbyshire County Council.  He explained his role in reducing waste and increasing the use of sustainable products when delivering meals across Derbyshire schools.  He was extremely impressed by both the knowledge and passion of Team Wye in reducing our carbon footprint.  As I am sure you are already aware, as a result of the letters he received from our class and the petition completed across school, we no longer receive single use plastic pots at Milford. In addition to this these pots will be phased out in the new year across all Derbyshire schools; what a fantastic impact the power of writing has achieved. 

Team Wye are continuing their campaign, we now have a recycling point in the School hall for all crisp packets which we will forward onto St Peters Church, Belper.  Please check out their website as the Church has become a local recycling centre for some difficult to recycle every day use plastic items.



Art in the outdoors
On Tuesday 23rd October, Wye class walked up to the Chevin to sketch some trees as part of their art lesson.  It was a beautiful autumn afternoon and a few walkers complimented the children on how polite they were!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


Hope you all had a lovely summer and welcome back.

What a busy return to school it has been and the children are settling in very well.

Our Local Studies homework seems to be very successful with many super creations arriving daily into our classroom.

The trip to the Belper Mills was a hit and has certainly inspired the children to find out more about our local area. 

We are planning some local walks and field studies to identify the historical buildings of Milford.

Tuesday spellings and times tables tests are working well, please encourage your child to prepare thoroughly.

P.E. is every Thursday and Friday - remember Kit and the removal of ear-rings/surgical tape.

Many thanks again for your continual support.

Mrs Matthews

Information and photos of PGL trip on News tab under PGL news

On Thursday morning Wye Class went to Derby Arena to perform with the Halle! The children had been working hard in flute lessons practising for this wonderful opportunity. We all had a great time and played really well with the orchestra. 


On Friday we has a World Record Holder in School, Dan Magnus who currently holds the Guinness World record for the longest time doing Keepy-Uppy's at 26 hours. The children enjoyed a fantastic assembly when Dan performed lots of different skills and trips! Back in their classes the children all enjoyed a workshop with Dan where he showed them lots of football skills. It was a great afternoon enjoyed by all! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15

Welcome Back! 

We hope that you have had a lovely break over half term. We are now in to our final half term and rehearsals for Pirates of the Curry Bean are well underway. The children are all working really hard to learn all of the lines and are now working out actions and stage places. Our topic of the Stone Age will continue in to this half term as we look in more detail at how they lived. 



We hope that you have a lovely break over half term! 


What a busy week we have had this week! In science we have been dissecting flowers to look at all the different parts. As well as science we have had lots of rehearsals for our end of year performance of Pirates Of The Curry Bean, the singing and acting is coming together nicely. In music the children have been getting ready for the Halle Concert, playing the flute and learning the songs.  A quick reminder swimming lessons will start on the first Wednesday back for Wye Class. Finally we hope that you have a lovely break over half term. 

Well Done Year 6! 

Year 6 have worked really hard on their SATs this week. As a treat for working so hard we walked down to Re-Space cafe for a cake and a drink. The children enjoyed playing the games on offer and had fun on the interactive floor mat. 

SATs are finished! 
Year 6 enjoyed their breakfast this morning. They have tried really hard in the SPaG and spelling test and have had fun with the parachute in the sun after working hard. 

Welcome Back! 

We hope you have had a lovely break over Easter! 

This term our topic is the Stone Age, the children will be learning all about how they lived, what they did and the different periods during the Stone Age. 

As well as learning about the Stone Age children will be developing their singing and acting skills, rehearsing for our end of year performance. 

SATs is only one week away, all of the Year 6's have been working hard and are well prepared for next weeks tests. 

On Wednesday 5th June Wye Class will be starting swimming lessons so please make sure your child remembers their swimming kit. 

Happy World Book Day! 

Wye Class has enjoyed dressing up as some of their favourite book characters. 


Science Day Friday 1st March

On Friday afternoons we loved going down to the Dojo to learn Martial Arts!

We had a visitor from Amber Class to show us some of their models of World War 2 planes.

Our trip to Veolia Materials Recovery Facility in Mansfield.

Wye Class enjoyed their trip to the Materials Recovery Facility in Mansfield before Christmas. During our visit the children went on a site tour and got to see all the different processes that our waste has to go through in order to be recycled. We also had a go at sorting out various items trying to get them all in the correct waste containers, and found out how long it takes items to decompose in a landfill site. 

In English lessons children composed a formal letter thanking the staff at Veolia for the experience and made posters showing all the information we had learnt. We then sent our letters and posters to Veolia MRF. Over the Christmas holidays we have had an email from the staff at Veolia thanking us for our kind words and posters


Wye class have been learning about forces and using a force metre in science.

Wye class have been learning about forces and using a force metre in science. 1
Wye class have been learning about forces and using a force metre in science. 2
Wye class have been learning about forces and using a force metre in science. 3
Wye class have been learning about forces and using a force metre in science. 4

Spellings November - December

Greek Project

Greek Project 1
Greek Project 2
Greek Project 3
Greek Project 4
Greek Project 5

Our presentation for Harvest.

KS2 trip to derby's multi faith open centre

Creative Greek homework 2018

Mrs Collins and Miss Oates - Teaching Assistants

Mrs Collins and Miss Oates - Teaching Assistants 1
Mrs Collins and Miss Oates - Teaching Assistants 2