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Year 5/6 – Wye

Monday 23rd November

Good Morning Team Wye!

Hopefully you are ready for the last day of our isolation period.

I can't wait to read the monster reports that you have been busy planning. Your Art challenge should be fun, so enjoy.

If you haven't recorded your Keepie Uppie Challenge yet find that football and keep it up.  You can find my attempt in the clip below

"This one is for you Johnny!"

Please don't forget tomorrow is Tuesday and you all know

Tuesday = spelling test. You will find your list in your Purple Mash 2DOs.

Have a great day and see you all tomorrow. 

Keep Safe!

Mrs Matthews.



"This one is for you Johnny!"

Still image for this video

Friday November 20th 


Good Morning Team Wye!

I trust you are all fighting fit and ready for another day of discovery.

Below is a Video Football Challenge from Johnny and two extra wildlife clips from my garden. Ask your adult to film your football challenge and email to me and I will add it to share with Team Wye.

On Monday your task is to create a Mythical Beast or your Monster using natural materials. Your weekend homework is therefore to collect resources from your garden ready for your ART CHALLENGE Monday.

I'm looking forward to receiving your work including the quiz on Google Classroom.

Sorry for any issues with the quiz, I am learning new skills just like you.

Have a great day and I'm just off to search for a football in my garage.yes

Mrs Matthews 

The Challenge Is On!

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Test Your Observational Skills.

Still image for this video

What Do You Notice About Mr Squirrel?

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Thursday 19th November


Good Morning Wye Class,


I hope you are all well on this rainy Thursday morning. Thanks again for the super work that was sent in yesterday. We really have lots of impressive independent learners.


As usual, Maths and English are below, remember to use the maths support video before you start the work sheet. I can't wait to see your Monster creations as I know your imagination is tremendous. In History you are going to research the Ancient Greek Philosophers, it would be great if this work could be glued into your journal at school when we return. It won't be a problem if you create a PowerPoint as I can print your work in school.


Have a great day, be kind and make somebody smile.smiley

See you soon,

Mrs Matthews.



Wednesday 18th November

Good Morning Wye Class!

I hope you are all well, wide awake and ready to learn. 

Many thanks for sending your work from yesterday - such impressive independent learning. 

Check out Purple Mash as I am about to add the Spellings for next week in your 2DOs.

Below is a video clip which Mr Matthews and myself think you will enjoy.

Have a great day and be good to your adults. When your tasks are finished you could maybe

tidy your bedroom.smiley

Keep Safe!

Mrs Matthews


Look What's In The Churchyard!

Still image for this video


Hello Team Wye,

Hope you are all well and ready for another day of Home Learning,

Great work again yesterday. I am really pleased with your determination to complete the challenges. Hopefully we can make a display of the Diwali posters in the classroom.

Keep it up today and don't forget it is Tuesday and Tuesday is SPELLINGS. Email your score and I will add it to my record sheet.

Remember to check out Purple Mash 2DOs and TT Rockstars. Tasks are below in the grids under English, Maths and Other Curriculum.

Most importantly have a good day.


Mrs Matthews





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Views From My Office Window

Still image for this video


Hello Wye Class,


Join us for assembly at 9:45 details can be found on Parent Hub.


Tasks are on our Home Learning section.


I have added some Maths and English tasks for today along with an Oak National Academy History research lesson.


When you have finished your tasks please photograph and email either on your purple mash account or ask your adult to send via my email:


Remember to develop your skills further on TTRockstars, spellings as usual are on Purple Mash and check out extra lessons on The Oak National Academy.


Enjoy learning and keep safe!   smiley


Mrs Matthews



Isolating at Home

Please note if your child is asked to isolate I would expect them to complete daily tasks.

These tasks are available by clicking on the Kingfisher icons in the Home Learning section below - 



Any problems do not hesitate to email on -


Many thanks for your anticipated support,


Heather Matthews