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Year 1/2 – Amber

Welcome to Amber Class

Children are invited to bring in a board game to play with their friends on Thursday.


Also, please can you send a strong carrier bag for your child to bring home their school books. 



Friday 12th July


We've had loads of fun this week in Amber Class! We've had 'free play' time - we've played games using the parachute and built lots of structures using the construction equipment (e.g. Lego).


We're looking forward to Sports Day on Monday - hopefully the weather will be dry for us smiley


**REMINDER** Leavers' Disco is on Thursday 18th July 6:30pm - 8pm 

We had a great time at Crich Tramway Museum. A few photos of our day.
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Reminder: CRICH TRAMWAY MUSEUM TRIP on Friday 5th July

This week the children have been writing some wonderfully descriptive writing. At home, you could practise spotting adjectives and adverbs in the books you read. You could collect lots of different words so that the children can use them in their writing. 


Reading unlocks so many doors to your child's learning. Please make sure you read with your child (every day if possible) and regularly change their reading book (3 - 4 times per week). It really makes a huge difference to their social, personal and academic progress. 


We've been learning all about time in Maths. Please talk to your child about anything to do with time: before/after, dates, times (Y1 o'clock and half past, Y2 quarter past/to). 



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Beach Stories


Amber Class wrote stories set at the beach. Here are some for you to read... 



Shark Beach by William Hull


Jaws lived in the sea. He was black and white. He was a great white shark. A boat came. Jaws was in the water and then the person who was driving the boat had a shark attack. The boat was sinking. A life guard came to get him. The next day he went to the shop and then he went to the beach then he went in the water. Then Jaws came. Jaws ate him. Yum said Jaws and then it was on the news and the family heard it. Then they went to the beach.




One day a bully was on the beach and he was mean and he put people’s ice creams in their faces. He pushed people. Don’t come on the beach again. But he didn’t listen and he came on the beach and the lifeguard called the police.


By Oliver Shorney




Me and my brother went to the beach. A girl fell in the water. A shark attacked. The girl’s foot was stuck in the coral. The lifeguard came and the shark went back to the ocean and then they had a party and they lived happily ever after.

By Ibadah Mirza



Shark’s Strong Attacks by Darcey Smith


Sunflower and her elder sister Charlotte went to Coral Beach for 2 weeks. On Monday, they went to see the sharks. “ooh, it’s boiling hot today!” said Charlotte. “Yeah. I’m roasting!” replied Sunflower, settling down on a rock. Unfortunately, this is how the sharks saw Charlotte (drawing of a seal) and you know what sharks love to eat… SEALS!!! Sunflower knew that the shark had mistaken her sister for a nice, fluffy, little seal. “Poor Charlotte… “ she thought anxiously. She hid behind a rock. Luckily, Charlotte could swim! The shark chased her, gnashing its teeth hungrily. It swam as fast as a go-cart! “Aaaaaaaaaah!! Heeeeeeeeelp! Lifeguard! Lifeguard!” screamed Charlotte. Sunflower dived in. The sea was so deep. She was almost buried in it. Before long, a girl called Kitty appeared. “Wow!” she exclaimed, her eyes were as wide as snack pots. Her mouth dropped open like a door as fast as one step forward. Soon, she fainted. Another girl called Marian did the same. And so did Gabriella. Next, Lily did so. But then a much older girl called Sara came and took a deep breath. She squeezed her eyes shut and leaped into the water. Charlotte was spinning and the shark bit her leg. Luckily, she was alive and she stopped breathing. She dropped to the seabed. A pink light appeared. “Charlotte!” she heard someone say. It was her sister. She stumbled up to her. Her hair was messy. Her face was dirty. Her steps were slow and shaky. She looked out of breath. “Charlotte…” she panted. “Charlotte…” “Yeah?” she replied. Her sister was gone. “Charlotte.” She heard her whisper. Everything went black. “Charlotte!” she heard. Charlotte was alive! Sunflower cried. Then she laughed. She coughed. Her sister smiled. “Good job you survived shark’s strong attacks!” Sunflower giggled happily.




One day at the beach there was a girl and a boy. Their names were Sophie and Sam. They were very kind. One day they went to walk their dog Monty. He was very excitable. They walked Monty near the sea. The sea was glistening! Then Sophie and Sam saw their friend Kate but just as they were talking, Monty got too excitable and ran away… Where did Monty go? said Sophie. I don’t know said Sam. Then they raced off, leaving Kate behind. They went to tell the lifeguard. The lifeguard said I will help you. They looked on the mountains. No Monty here said Sophie. They looked near the sea. No Monty here said Sam. They looked under the deckchairs. No dog here said the lifeguard. But on the tallest mountain there was Monty! Monty! Monty! said Sophie. Sam said to Sophie and the lifeguard we can go and climb up it! I didn’t think of that, said Sophie. When they got there, they started climbing. Just then they got to the tippy top and rescued Monty.


By Sadie Backler



Beach by Narem Elkhatib


It was a burning hot day and mum, Narem, Almaza, Ben, Zaine and Zead went to the beach. It was beautiful and gorgeous. It was full of people and mum forgot to bring the picnic and the sun cream. So she went home to get the stuff and the children stayed at the beach and Ben (the eldest) bought the others and himself ice creams. Zain got chocolate, Zead got strawberry and Almaza and Narem got mint choc chip. Ben got caramel. Yummy! After when they got ice creams they saw people dropping litter everywhere. Mum got to the beach and then mum called the police.




One day at the beach a long time ago there was a party. After a while at the party it was bad. The next day at the beach it was quiet. No one was there! A girl came out. The people at the beach were eaten by the shark. Ow! The girl got eaten by the shark. But then it was very quiet. Everyone was ok from the shark at the beach but one didn’t come back. It was Macie who was missing… she’s been eaten by the shark. And then the thunder began…


By Lily Ottewell



One sunny day a boy called Rory was at the beach. He was playing tag. He got too close to the sea. He fell into the sea. The shark ate Rory.

By Rory Harvey




Once a man was walking to the beach and he went swimming. Suddenly he went too far then he saw a dorsal fin was heading his way. He swam as fast as he could. Help! Help! The lifeguard helped him but the shark got closer and closer and got him.


By Elliot Blood




One day there was a little girl and she was with her family but she went for a swim and she got attacked by a big shark. The lifeguard had to save her and she had an ice cream and checked shirt. Soon we went to get fish and chips and then I counted my shells. I had 30. After that my family went under the shady umbrella. I kept eating my fish and chips. My family didn’t mind that I ate them. At least I was happy and my family was happy too that I was saved. It was a rough sea and the sand had rocks in so it was rough and smooth at the same time. It was fun at Emerald Beach at least we had McDonalds there. We went home and went to bed and dreamed of everything we did.


By Maisie Kerry-Oates



Giving instructions using Lego

Y2 maths using Numicon and Base 10 equipment

Picture 1

Our Class Assembly


We liked the Iguana poem the best.  Maisie, Edith, William, Scarlet, Elliot, Poppy, Noah, Tyler and Emilia


The actions were the best.  Lydia, Mia and Taylor


I liked the drumming, I thought I was really good.  Rory


Holding up the flowers was our favourite bit.  Thomas and Alice


We liked our own parts in the assembly.  Fran, Jessica, Ava, Ethan and Oliver


We liked singing animal fair.  Sadie and Robson


We liked the Arcimboldo pictures.  Lily, Callum and Ibadah 


We liked putting on our sunglasses.  Rose and Alby


It was fun.  Isla


The singing was so much fun.  Darcey



Thank you to all the Parents/Carers that came today.  We hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did!!









Visit from Adrian Farmer (a history expert). He gave us a talk about what Milford was like in the past.

Visit from Adrian Farmer (a history expert). He gave us a talk about what Milford was like in the past. 1

Learning about capacity

Learning about capacity 1

We had a visitor today in Amber Class... Bella the dog! Thanks to Franchesca's mum for bringing her in to see us. The children are going to write a poem about her.

We had a visitor today in Amber Class... Bella the dog! Thanks to Franchesca's mum for bringing her in to see us. The children are going to write a poem about her. 1
We had a visitor today in Amber Class... Bella the dog! Thanks to Franchesca's mum for bringing her in to see us. The children are going to write a poem about her. 2


Wednesday 6th February


This afternoon the children have been thinking about how they can all be a superhero in school by working hard and doing their best. Some of the children also designed their own mask smiley

Today we welcomed five students from Derby University. They worked with the children on a range of English activities.

Visit from students

Visit from students 1
Visit from students 2
Visit from students 3
Visit from students 4
Visit from students 5

Y2 drawing shape pictures

Peace Workshop

As part of Anti-bullying week, we walked to the chapel to take part in a 'Peace' workshop. The children loved learning about the meaning of peace and listened well to Bible stories.

Y2 learning about commas

Y2 learning about commas  1

Elliot's wonderful writing... Well done!

Elliot's wonderful writing... Well done! 1



It's Anti-bullying Week! The theme of the week is Respect and we are learning all about what it means to be respectful. We're also learning why bullies bully and how we can say STOP! 


Here is a clip that the children have watched in class: 

The new climbing frame!



Welcome back! Hope you've all had a good half term holiday. 


This week in Amber Class we continue to study London. The children will be creating a clay sculpture of a London landmark.



Please continue to read with your child at least 4 times per week. Homework will be given out tomorrow (Wednesday). This half term we've set the usual spellings homework (you'll get the whole half term so you can see what your child will be learning at a glance) and the occasional maths activity to complete. 

Australia Week

Australia Week 22nd October


Commencing Monday 22nd October is AUSTRALIA WEEK across the whole school! We'll be learning about everything Antipodean. Activities will include creating dot paintings, learning facts about the country and hopefully some baking mailfrown


Please feel free to send in items of interest if you have anything related to Oz! 



Flag of Australia.svg

Fantastic teamwork from Sadie and Narem

Fantastic teamwork from Sadie and Narem 1

What a wonderful story map about The Great Fire of London. Well done Rory, Narem, Elliot, Ethan and Nikol!

What a wonderful story map about The Great Fire of London. Well done Rory, Narem, Elliot, Ethan and Nikol! 1

We've been learning about our school motto "Care, Share, Respect, Learn" and today we've been discussing RESPECT.

Athletics Tournament 1st October 2018



Homework is handed out on a Wednesday, back in on a Tuesday. Please make sure the homework book (pink book) is in school on Tuesdays, even if the homework isn't completed, so that the new spellings can be stuck in. Homework consists of spellings and reading (daily please - every little helps!). 

Picture 1

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).