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Year 3/4 – Derwent

Welcome to Derwent Class

                                                                                Welcome to Derwent Class 1 Derwent Class Assembly

Derwent Class Staff


Mrs Coote (Class Teacher) 

Miss Oates  Mrs Collins  Mrs Griffiths (Teaching Assistants)

What's happening in Derwent Class

Breaking News!

Educational Visit

We will be visiting Holmebrook Valley Park on Tuesday 18th June for a day of geography field work including a hands on (or rather "feet in") river study. All the details are in a letter which your children have brought home ( on Friday 17th May) and which can also be found at the bottom of this class page via the link "Holmebrook 2019". Please return the slip at the bottom of the letter giving permission for your child to participate in the trip or write a note to that effect.  

Swimming : last lesson of this academic year approaching

It will really help the children to maintain or improve their skills and confidence if they swim regularly when school lessons have finished.


Rehearsals have started for Pirates of the Curry Bean and are going very well. We have a lot of talented children at Milford School.


Reading Challenge: We are working really hard in school to improve our reading skills and understanding. I'm challenging the children to increase their reading at home too....but they'll need your help! 5 or 10 minutes a day reading aloud to an adult makes a huge difference to fluency and confidence. If your child is already a fluent reader, lots of discussion about what they are reading supports their understanding of texts. 



All homework is set on Wednesday and is to be handed in by the following Wednesday. Children who haven't handed in homework will do it during Golden Time. Merits are given for regularly completing and handing in homework. Spelling and Times Table test books will be sent home each week so parents can see how their child got on. These should be returned with the homework folder ready for the following Wednesday tests.



Some children may need help with understanding the meanings of some of the words on our lists. It helps to hear them in a sentence or to look them up in a dictionary. We have been practising different ways of learning our spellings at school.


Sentence Words Group list: 

station   fiction   motion   national   section   addition   subtraction   potion   option   introduction


Year 3  Group list:  

enough   young   touch   double   trouble  country   courage   rough   tough   cousin


Year 4  Group list:  

 autograph   autobiography   automatic   autofocus   autocorrect   autopilot   autopsy   automobile   autonomy   autocue


 X tables homework: 

 Year 3:   X4


Year 4:  X9


Recorder Practise

Lessons are on hold for a while as we are practising for our end of year performance.

Reading in Derwent Class and at home.


Reading continues to be a key skill for your child to develop. It is still really important for your child to read regularly and discuss the texts they are reading.

Every child reads in a Guided Reading Group once a week with Mrs Coote, Miss Oates or Mrs Collins.

They also have at least one individual read with a staff member and most children read at least once more with a volunteer. 


You can really help by listening to your child read their reading book regularly at home.  Please record this reading in your child's planner: children with 3 or more home reads in a week get a merit on Friday and could be our Reader of the Week.

Recent Letters from Derwent Class