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Click here for details of the school dinners menu.

Our school meals are brought to us from Long Row Primary School. The main meal consists of a choice between a meat dish and vegetarian option. A piece of fruit is available as an alternative to the sweet. Water and a variety of fruit juice is available as a drink (milk can be ordered and paid for through the 'Cool Milk' scheme). From September 2015, the cost of a meal is £2 per day. Payment from September 2017 will be through Parent Pay or Pay point only No cash or cheques. Payment for school trips will also be through Parent Pay.

Letters with User names and passwords will be issued prior to the start of next academic year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - If your child is KS1 they are eligible for free school meals however if you would prefer your child to have sandwiches please let the school office know that school meals are not required for your child as this has a cost to the school.

Some children are eligible for free meals and parents may obtain a form claiming these from the school office. This is strictly confidential and there is no difference between a child receiving free meals and one paying. As part of the Government's initiative all KS1 children are entitled to a free school meal.

As an alternative to the cooked meal, children may bring a packed lunch to school in unbreakable containers. These will be put away at the beginning of the day ready for lunch time and empty containers collected at 3:30 pm.

We have to order meals from Long Row School in advance. In accordance with Derbyshire County Council's flexible choice system it is possible to switch between school dinners and sandwiches. Children's meal requirements will be taken with the register each morning. This will then be recorded on Parent Pay.

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