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Reception - Kinder



This week in Kinder Class we have been learning about Bonfire night and 2D shapes. The children seem to have really enjoyed the activities that have been set up. We made poppies with Mrs Hills for our Remembrance Assembly on Friday morning, we went on a shape hunt and we started our Dough Disco and Squiggle Wiggle to help with our fine motor and gross motor skills.


Our reader of the week is Rory for all his great reading, he is doing an amazing job with his reading books and also in our Phonics sessions. Well done Rory!


Our pupil of the week is Caleb for being so thoughtful all week and helping other children in the class without being asked to. Well done Caleb!


Next week is Anti-Bullying week so we will be doing lots of activities based around this and also based around friendship and kindness towards others. In Phonics we will continue to use new sounds, begin to blend words and learn our tricky words. In Maths we will be using our knowledge of 2D shapes to learn about and explore 3D shapes.


Below are a few links that we use with the children which you may find useful at home:


Months of the year:

Days of the week:

Jolly Phonics Phase 2:

Count to 100:


Have a great weekend! Miss Derbyshire, Mrs Jones and Mrs Williams.



What a great week we have had in Kinder Class! It has been multi-cultural week and we have created our very own Australian flags, we had a think about Australian animals and our role play area was set up as a travel agents which lots of children enjoyed. We have been looking at numbers 1-10 this week and have had a range of fun activities to help us with our counting and number recognition. 


Our pupil of the week this week is Luciano for such lovely and polite manners. Well done Luciano! Our reader of the week is Cy for his wonderful storytelling and questioning of books at story time. Well done Cy!


On our first week back after half term our topic will be Bonfire Night. We will be creating bonfire pictures, using our counting skills and also looking at different 2D shapes in Maths. 


We hope you all have a fantastic half term doing lots of fun things together. Miss Derbyshire, Mrs Jones and Mrs Williams.


Mr Chuck has asked us to thank all parents for the wonderful card and presents, it was really appreciated and he will definitely be missed.


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This week we are learning lots of new sounds and numbers. It is also Multi-Cultural Week in school so we are learning all about Australia, this includes looking at animals and making our very own Australian flags! Please look out for a number and phonics pack in your child's book bag this week, we would really appreciate it if you can spare a little time during the week to look at these with your children, thank you! Mrs Jones and Miss Derbyshire



It's been a fun week in Kinder Class. The children have enjoyed playing rhyming games, writing our sounds i and n, making a card for Mr Chuck, and meeting Miss Derbyshire. The children are very excited about having her as their new teacher as well as Mrs Jones who also took the class all day on Tuesday.


Our cup winner this week is Eadie. She has impeccable manners and never forgets her kind words 'please' and 'thank you'. She sets an example for the rest of the school. Well done! Alfie is our reader of the week. He is a fantastic reader who loves books and is always keen to read at school and home. Great work Alfie.


Next week we are learning about Australia for the school's Australia week. Many thanks for the wonderful cards and gifts on my last week and for helping us to help your child settle so well into school. Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck, Miss Derbyshire, Mrs Jones and Mrs Williams.



Kinder Class have been working hard this week in preparation for the harvest assembly. We have been rehearsing our dance everyday and i'm sure you'll agree the class were wonderful. We also looked at some fruit and vegetables explaining that they are grown then harvested. We used lots of lovely language to describe the shapes, sizes, colours and textures of the food. We then used these experiences to paint some excellent pictures.


In phonics we have learnt the sounds t and p. We have been using this knowledge to sound out (blend) words with these initial sounds and we have also looked for the sounds in books.


Next week we'll continue looking at the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Next week is my (Mr Chuck's) last week at Milford School. To help the children through the transition Mrs Jones will be taking the class on Tuesday and Miss Derbyshire and myself will be in all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Williams will continue to be in class as normal. Please come and say hello to Mrs Jones and Miss Derbyshire and ask any questions about the rest of term.


Our cup winner this week is Cy. He is a very well behaved member of Kinder Class. He's always looking to do the right thing and treats his friends with kindness. He's also very enthusiastic about all of his learning. Well done!


Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



this week in Kinder Class we visited the park for the first time. The class walked to the park and were very sensible listening to the teachers. When there we exercised on the equipment which will help build our gross and fine motor skills, plus it's lot's of fun! In class we have learnt the sounds s & a and the number 3. We went on a sound hunt finding things starting with the s sound and practised writing s and a with paint and pens.


We have also been painting a display featuring Biff, Chip and Kipper from their reading books, learning about Numicon and much more.


Our cup winner this week is Lenny. He is a very gentle, kind and friendly member of our class. It is lovely to see how he has settled so well into school, growing in confidence, making friends and generally being a superstar! Well done Lenny. Our Reader of the Week is Amelia. She loves to read and uses excellent description when looking at books. Fab work Amelia! Next week we'll learn about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.




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This week in Kinder Class we have continued our 'Whatever Next' topic by making shape rockets and singing a song about going to the moon. The childrens' learning (play) is really developing which is lovely to see. They are making much more use of the class resources which they then use to build things, play games and use their imagination. As you can see we have been building structures, making zip wires, obstacle courses, treasure maps and some of us even went fishing!

We also had a special show and tell this week when Caleb brought in a birds nest for us to look at.


Next week we'd like to take the class to the local park to play on the equipment. This will be a regular weekly trip (weather permitting). So if you haven't already please could you send some wellies in for your child to wear (which can stay in school). Also a note about book bags. Please no water bottles in book bags as they can leak on the books and no toys in school unless they are for a special reason.


Finally our cup winner this week is Izaak. We have been super impressed with how he has settled into school in such a short amount of time. He is brilliant at following our school routines like lining up and sitting on the carpet. Well done Izaak. And our first Reader of the Week award goes to Ffion. She is a fantastic reader and loves books. She reads lots at home which means she always has lots to talk about when reading in school. Well done!


Next week our bear topic will be be based on the classic book 'We're Going on a Bearhunt'. Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



This week Kinder Class have been busy learning about the book 'Whatever Next'. We have been cutting and sticking things to take with us to the moon, colouring space pictures and role playing the story. We also visited a mosque in Derby as part of our RE syllabus. The class were brilliant really listening to the teachers and the guide. They were brilliantly behaved. We also had our first week of 'Open the Book' where we visit the chapel near school. We shared stories and sung a song. Our number of the week was 1. The classroom toilets were finally finished this week so we have been enjoying more space.


Our pupil of the week is Bradley. He is such a polite boy who always remembers the kind words, please and thank you. He is also very kind to his friends and the teachers. Bradley's wonderful nature is an example to us all. The class also won the attendance award for the second week running!


Next week we'll continue with 'Whatever Next' learning some more about bears in space! Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



Its been a busy first full week for Kinder Class. We have been hand painting for a friendship display, playing listening games and building props for our play. We have also done lots of looking at books, building jigsaws and we all read for the first time in school. We are continuing to learn our school routines such as lining up and sitting on the carpet  to listen. We also practised putting on coats. We started by pulling the arms out and then putting them on the right way. with lots of practise we should all be ready for the colder autumn weather. We also took part in our first PE session this week. Adam from Derby County is our regular coach. He helped us to practise our balancing using balloons.


Our cup winner this week is Lucia. She is such a delightful member of Kinder Class. She is always keen to help the teachers and is amazing at tidy up time. But most importantly she is always smiling which brightens up our classroom. Well done Lucia!


Next week starts with our trip to the Jamia Mosque. Please remember all children and adults are requested to wear a head covering, trousers plus school jumpers for children. Jeans or joggers are fine and the children will stay in these till home time. We are starting our new 'Teddy Bears' topic next week by learning about the classic story 'Whatever Next' about a bear that goes to the moon. Oh, and we also won the weeks attendance award with 100%. Well done everyone!


Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.


Here's the video from the reading meeting. These are the pure sounds without 'uh' added on. Articulating the pure sounds is very important to help children sound out words correctly.



It's been a really fun first week in school for Kinder Class. We have been busy learning all the things we need to do when in school. For example lining up, sitting on the carpet, tidying up, eating in the hall and playtime on the playground.


We have also done lots of fun learning such as making potions in the mud kitchen, digging in the sand, running up the climbing frame, riding bikes, rescuing a ball and practising our gymnastic skills.


Each week every class has a pupil of the week. Our first pupil of the week is Rory. He is a most delightful boy who has settled into school brilliantly. He is amazing at listening and following instructions, he always sits quietly on the carpet listening and then puts his hand up when he wants to share his ideas. Well done Rory.


Next week we'll continue our Bob the Builder theme. And hopefully our new toilets will be ready to use by the end of the week. Have a lovely weekend, from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



Here's a picture of Kinder Class on their last day of Reception. We're all very proud and pleased with what an amazing year they have had. It has been privilege to see them all grow and learn. They are a fantastic cohort who have settled brilliantly and i'm sure they'll thrive in Year 1 and beyond.


We'd like to thank you all for your support this year. This has been key in helping your child succeed. And the fact that they are happy children helps them learn. Thank you too for all the fantastic presents and cards. These were extremely generous and will be greatly enjoyed. Particularly the book which will be a lovely reminder of this super class. 


Have a wonderful sunny summer, from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.

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Dear Parents/Guardians.


Your child's learning journal is ready for download. Please log on to your Tapestry account and follow these steps.

  • Click on 'your name' at the top right.
  • Click on 'your downloads'.
  • Download the PDF.
  • Save to your computer.


These files are available to download until 15th August. After this date they will need to be generated again by myself. So if you are unable to do so during the holidays please see me in September (or tomorrow) and we can copy them onto your memory stick or email them.


We hope you enjoy this special record of your child's year in Kinder Class.


Many thanks, Mr Chuck.


P.S. If you would like any reading books for the holidays please let us know tomorrow by leaving a message in the red books.



Kinder Class performed their graduation assembly today. The children have put in lots of work in preparation. We were all very excited this morning and afterwards the class were very proud. Thank you for helping the children learn their lines at home. I'm sure you'll agree this extra practise really showed in their confidence and clear voices. Well done!



It's been a busy week in Kinder Class. We have been doing lots of preperation for our assembly next Tuesday. But we still found time to grab an ice-cream treat when we spotted nursery had an ice-cream van outside. We have also enjoyed watching some old fashioned cartoons when not rehearsing. The class have enjoyed watching Bagpuss, Bananaman, Danger Mouse and more.


Our cup winner this week is Callum. He is a most delightful member of Kinder Class. He is a very kind boy who always treats his friends with respect. He is also very calm which in a busy classroom and school really helps us all to learn and be happy. Well done! Tyler is our reader of the week. He is a brilliant reader who works really hard at home and in school. It has been lovely to see him progress so much this year.


Next week is our final week in Kinder Class. We'll be having some treats and hopefully enjoying the sun. Our assembly is this Tuesday at 10:15. So please come and join us. If you'd like any extra reading books for the holidays please let me or Mrs Williams know.


Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.





Kinder Class have had a fun week in the sun. We have been building models, playing in our paddling pool, finishing our invitations and much more, We also went on an adventure up The Chevin. We walked all the way to the WW1 field where we met the farmer Mr Jordan, ate lunch with a view and scattered our poppy seeds. Hopefully in a few months or maybe next year we should be able to spot them from Belper. On our walk we also looked at funghi, played hide and seek, climbed trees, found walking sticks, navigated the jungle and problem solved how to carry our bags! Thank you for the contributions and for supplying the packed lunches. It was a wonderful day out.


Our cup winner this week is Noah. He has such a fantastic attitude to learning, he always tries his best and is very independent! Taylor is our reader of the week. He is a super reader who just loves books. Well done!


Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



This week we have been on our school trip to Wirksworth. See the pictures below. Inspired by our trip we read the book The Train Ride and then sequenced the story. We have also listened to show and tells and done lots of maths and writing. The weather has been glorious so we have been learning lots outside in the sun. Our tadpoles have turned into frogs! The class are fascinated by them and love handling them gently. On Friday it was the school tea party where each class performed a song. Kinder Class did a brilliant performance of Wind the Bobbin Up.


Next week we're going to start rehearsing our assembly and on Thursday go on an expedition up The Chevin to plant poppy seeds.


Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.


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Kinder Class had a fantastic day out on their first school trip. We caught the bus to Duffield and then The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway to Wirksworth. The railway really spoilt us with our own reserved carriage. We also had a look at the posh first class carriages. When we got to Wirksworth we had lunch and then walked to The Northern Lights Cinema to meet our artist Nicky. First Nicky talked to us about all the different shapes, colours and sizes of objects that make up a railway. Then we recycled our lunch rubbish by snipping, gluing and colouring, turning it into a fantastic picture of our train. After this we walked back to the station with ice lollies to cool us down and caught the train and bus back to Milford. The class were impeccably behaved all day and a real credit to Milford School! Lots of thanks to Nicky from The Bower Wirks, The Northern Light's Cinema in Wirksworth and The Ecclesbourne Valley Railway for making it such a special day. And extra special thanks to Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Isherwood and Mrs Williams for their help.



This week Kinder Class have been busy with lots of fun learning. In maths we have been counting to 100 whilst keeping fit, halving numbers, making teen numbers with Numicon and counting in two's. We have also started making our posh invites for a special occasion. We're hoping to post these next week! Noah, Callum and Alice have enjoyed mixing colours to see what colour they can make. As usual we have spent lots of time outdoors building, running, cycling and lots more. In PE we practised running races with Tash. We also had a go at line dancing!


On Friday we also had a special surprise birthday party! The class and Mrs Williams worked really hard to make this a special occasion. We had crisps, cake, jelly, juice and wore party hats. The class have the most amazing table manners! It was lots of fun!


Our cup winner this week is William. He's super confident with all he does and gets really into his learning. William is also brilliant at watching and listening, he always notices whats happening in the classroom! Ava is our reader of the week. She's a very confident reader and always practises at home. I just hope Amber Class have enough books to last her two years!


Next week we'll be looking at the book 'The Train Ride' and doing activities based on Tuesday's trip. It's forecast to be a nice day on Tuesday so please apply sun cream before school and send your child in with a hat, drink and packed lunch (in a disposable bag). Children should wear school  t-shirt and jumper and comfortable shorts/joggers on their legs. Plus trainers. If girls want to wear their school summer dresses that's fine too. Having the class in uniform on their top half helps us to identify them easily. And a polite reminder that Monday is an inset day.


Have a lovely, sunny weekend, from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.

EYFS Line Dancing

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This week we have been learning about pirates. We have been making pirate boats, pirate hats and parrots. We also welcomed the new starters. The class did a wonderful job of looking after them.


We had our first spellings test this week which the class did brilliantly at. This weeks words are in the homework book. We also had our first sports day. We hope you all really enjoyed watching. We were very lucky with the weather and the children were very excited all day!


We have done lots of writing in our books this week to help us prepare for Year 1. All the children did really well with this and the letter formation is fantastic! And if you look in their book bags you'll also find some special writing for a very important person's day on Sunday!


Next week we'll continue our learning about pirates (as the class really enjoy this topic).


Our cup winner this week is Rose. She could win the cup for lots and lots of reasons but we decided to give it to her for her awesome reading. She practises all the time at home which means she has become a very confident reader this year. She is definately ready for reading in Year 1! Keeping to the reading theme Edith is our reader of the week. Like Rose she reads lots at home and loves reading! Edith's love of reading is really helping her become an independent writer too as she can recall lots of words for writing. Well done both of you.


Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



We have had a really busy first week back. Following the theme of 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' we made sandwiches, wrote instructions for the process, sorted healthy and treat food and had lots of fun in our seaside cafe.


For internet safety day we learnt the story of Smartie the Penguin. The class learnt that when you use an internet device you should ask parents for help when you see something you don't like, if someone says something nasty to you online or if you need help finding the game or site you want. And if you're not sure always ask Mum or Dad. From this we made a wonderful display. Thank you to all who visited. We hope you enjoyed seeing the classroom and the children happily learning.


In PE we started our first week of skills and fitness. For Wednesday Show and Tell we had lots of special items, including Ava's swimming certificate, a drawing by Mia and some dinosaurs that Noah helped hatch.


Our butterflies emerged this week. We very delicately released them into our garden. They seem to like it there as they stayed all day.


Next weeks topic is 'Pirates'. We also have visits from our new starters on Monday and Wednesday. Our tricky words spelling test will be on Wednesday. Tuesday is sports day.


This weeks cup winner is Alice. She has worked lots on her handwriting and now does the most beautifully neat letters with fantastic finger spaces. Well done! Noah is our reader of the week. He loves reading and is growing in to a much more confident reader. Kinder Class also won the class attendance award!


Have a lovely weekend, from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



What a busy final week of the half term! We have visited the library where we had African stories, looked at African artefacts and borrowed a book each. Many thanks to Carole-Ann and all the staff at Duffield Library. Also a big thank you to Edith's Mum, William's Mum and Thomas' Mum for helping on the trip.


Later in the week we took part in a rhythm drumming session where we told the story of a spider and all his friends using drums, beaters and shakers. We even had a visit from Mrs Collins who brought in her snake!


During class time we have made bees, planted flowers, written bee stories and much more. There is no homework for the holidays.


Our Cup winner this week is Callum. He has settled brilliantly into the school and has made lots of friends. He is a lovely boy who is helping to make Milford School even more special than it was before! Our reader of the week is Tyler. He's a superstar reader who works so hard. We're all very proud to see his wonderful progress.


When we return our topic is The Seaside, starting with The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch. Have a lovely holiday, from Mr Chuck and Ms Williams.


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Another fab week in Kinder Class has seen us sequencing the life cycle of a butterfly, painting butterfly meadow pictures, catching tadpoles, building caterpillar houses, gliding on bikes and much more.


We also had a fab trip to The Woollen Woods. We saw our mushrooms and explored the wood. There was lots of tree climbing, den building and hiding and seeking done! We were very proud of how well behaved the class were.They were very sensible catching the bus and crossing roads. Well done! And thank you to Rose's Mum and Taylor's Mum for helping make the trip such a success.


On Monday we are visiting the library. Children should wear normal school uniform. Please ensure your child is wearing a coat if it is cold or if it is warm has a hat and sun cream already applied. If they are already a member of the library please give myself the card on Monday so they can borrow a book. If they are not please return the form and we'll sign them up when there.


Our topic next week is Bees. It is also multicultural week so we'll do some learning based on different cultures. 


Kinder Class have been getting very enthusiastic about show and tells recently. So when we return after the half term break we'll have a specific show and tell time each Wednesday. So if your child has a show and tell please send it in on this day. For show and tell we'd like to see special things. For example a swimming certificate, photo of their family or something else with a special meaning. This helps the children to talk in depth about their object and gives the audience lots of ideas for questions.


Our cup winner this week is Mia. What more can we say about Mia! She is a delightful pupil. She is brilliant at reading, writing and maths and always tries her best in lessons. She sits quietly on the carpet listening to the teachers and takes pride in what she produces. Well done Mia! Our reader of the week is Callum. He has made a fantastic start to the Milford Reading Scheme. He reads lots at home and clearly loves books!


Have a lovely weekend, from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



Kinder Class have enjoyed their Bank Holiday week. Our topic for the week was worms. We had fun reading the book Superworm, looking for worms in the mud kitchen and sorting things worms like and don't like. 


As always we have been enjoying the spring weather. We have been doing lots of construction, bike riding, climbing and lots of other things.


Kinder class have also helped make the Milford School Well Dressing. They were supervised by Mrs Hills and helped decorate their bit using brilliant fine motor control. See the gallery for photos.


We have also welcomed our new friend Callum this week. He has settled really quickly and the rest of the class have been really kind, making him feel at home.


In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds 'ar' and 'or'. Next week our topic is 'Butterflies'. 


Next Friday we are visiting The Woollen Woods Art Festival. Permission slips have been sent home in your child's book bag today.


Finally our award winners this week are Tyler and Thomas. Tyler is just the most delightful pupil. He works so hard and always has a brilliant attitude. He is also lovely to his friends and the teachers all of the time. He's a credit to Kinder Class. Thomas is our reader of the week. He is flying through the books and loves to talk and laugh about what's happening in the story. Well done both of you!


Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.


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Another busy week in Kinder Class. We have been making snail patterns, bug houses, a maths display and lots more. In phonics we made ghosts to scare the juniors with. Our sound this week is 'oo' so we wrote BOO on the ghosts to surprise them.


We have been practising our tennis skills in PE. As you can see from the video we're getting really good at the basic skills needed to hit the ball.


Next weeks topic is worms. So if you find any in the garden please send them in and we'll keep them in the worm houses we're going to build.


Isla is our pupil of the week. She is very enthusiastic especially with her reading. She always wants to improve which means she's doing brilliantly. She's also got a fab sense of humour which makes life in Kinder Class lots of fun.


Oliver is our reader of the week. He practises loads at home and always wants to read with the teachers. He just loves books, especially story time. Well done.


Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.





It has been a short week in school but lots of fun. We have been writing descriptions of ladybirds and drawing them using step by step instructions. We have also continued our balancebility training, working on our core strength and pushing the bikes.


We had a lovely trip out to see some chickens and lambs at a local Milford farm. The farmer Miriam let us stroke the animals and answered all of the many questions we had. 


On Thursday we made ladybird biscuits using the language of doubling and symmetry. In PE we continued our tennis practise by bouncing the ball in lots of different ways.


Next week our topic is slugs and snails. If anyone finds any in their garden this weekend and would like to bring them in for the class that would be brilliant.


Have a lovely long weekend, from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.




Kinder Class have really been enjoying the spring weather this week. We have been outside lots, learning in the water and mud kitchen and generally having fun. Our spiders topic this week has seen us writing letters and number sentences to Incy Wincy Spider who has been replying to us and even leaving us sweets. We also had a very special experience this week when a friend of Thomas' called Sally came into school to show us a Chilean Rose tarantula called Rosie. We all really enjoyed hearing about spiders and some of us even held Rosie! We then drew pictures of Rosie and other spiders.


In PE we have started our tennis topic. This week we used the racket to balance and bounce the ball. We also started Balancebility. This is a program designed to improve children's balance which should result in them being able to ride a pedal bike without stabilizers. The expert advice is not to fit stabilizers to a child's bike. Start with a balance bike and then progress to using a pedal bike in the same way as a balance bike (using your feet to push along the ground) until eventually feeling confident enough to balance and pedal.


Our award winners this week are Ava and Taylor. Ava is such a brilliant learner. She always gives an answer to questions and is super confident. Taylor is an amazing reader and is often to be found in the reading corner looking at books with friends.


Now the sunny weather is here please can you apply suncream to your child before school. We have dispensers in school which the children can use and we are training them to do so. But they will be much more effectively protected if it is applied by an adult ensuring they are fully covered. Please could your child also bring in a hat to protect their head. We'll ensure they wear their hats when outside and also drink lots of water.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fine weather. From Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



Kinder Class have been doing lots of learning in their first week of term. We have been reading non-fiction books about frogs and watching our tadpoles grow. We have also been doing lots of maths using our Numicon, learning number bonds to 10 and counting backwards from 20.


In literacy we have written a news entry about what we did on our holidays. We have started using literacy and maths books this week so that when we get to year 1 we'll be confident in using them. 


We have also been learning the sounds sh and th (which makes two sounds e.g. throw & them). Thank you for the brilliant response to the book bingo challenge. They are all very impressive. The children loved being awarded their sparkly books!


Our cup winner this week is Noah. He's a brilliant mathematician and has been amazing us all week with his knowledge of number bonds. Rose is our reader of the week. She loves reading and loves to talk about the pictures and story. Well done!


Next week we'll be learning about spiders! Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.


PS. Many thanks for the fantastic attendance at the reading meeting. Just a slight correction regarding the reading scheme order. It goes, lilac, pink, red, yellow then blue. If anyone unable to attend would like a copy of the materials or a quick chat about the reading i'm happy to help. 



Kinder Class have had a very busy last week of the Spring Term. We have been celebrating Book Day by doing lots of 'Where the Wild Things Are' activities. We took part in activities in our family groups (mixed ages groups) visiting all the classrooms and had a wild rumpus, made masks, made junk model sailing boats and wild things pictures. The class really enjoyed this and the older children really looked after them well.


We have also been making Easter Cards, singing 'Chick, Chick, Chicken', and learning about our new number apparatus Numicon. Sadly this week was William K's last at Milford. He's been a brilliant friend to all of Kinder Class and his new school are very lucky to have him joining them. 


Our cup winner this week is Edith for being brilliant at learning. She is excellent at all the subjects and always gives 100%. Well done! William H is our reader of the week. He reads loads at home and because of this is a really confident, fluent reader for his age!


After Easter our topic is 'Minibeasts'. We'll start off by learning about frogs and tadpoles. We also have the reading meeting on the 11th at 3:40pm which we hope you can attend. We'll arrange for children to be looked after by a member of staff. We also start balanceability after the holidays. More details to follow.


Have a restful and peaceful Easter, from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



Kinder Class have enjoyed lots of art activities this week. We have made pictures from shapes, pop art leaf prints, sunflower paintings and lots of colouring including a card for Mrs Williams' birthday. We also had fun collecting leaves for our art, painting the playground in water, making collages from magazines and lots more. Plus we had a go at making circles using our bodies!


Our cup winner this week is William K. He is the most delightful member of Kinder Class. He is always kind to his friends and his calm nature helps to make our school a lovely place to learn. Isla is our reader of the week. She is doing brilliantly with her reading. She really enjoys reading in school and at home and always confidently explains what is haappening in the story. Well done!


Next week we are doing some Easter and Spring activities. Don't forget book day! Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



Kinder Class have been doing scientific investigations all this week. We have used our sense of touch to describe materials, make snowflakes inspired by last weeks weather, mix different liquids to make chemical reactions and free animals from ice. 


On Wednesday the children really enjoyed writing farewell messages to Wye Class as they went on their residential. We also had a Visit from Miss Derbyshire who came to show us baby Jack. The class were very excited but very gentle with Jack. 


Our cup winner this week is Thomas. He is such an enthusiastic learner and always gives his best. Our reader of the week is Mia. She reads all the time at home and is flying through the books. Well done.


Next week we are having an art week. We'll be trying out lots of different techniques to produce pieces of art. Have a lovely weekend, from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



Unfortunately our first week back was cut short by the snow. We still managed to do lots of book related activities though. We really enjoyed reading all our favourite books and doing acitivites based on them such as counting moon rocks, making ladybirds and playing Highway Rat. We also enjoyed writing words in the snow for phonics.


Our topic for this week is Science. So we'll be doing lots of fun experiments to inspire our writing and maths. Mr Chuck.



Kinder Class have had a fantastic final week of the half term. We have been finishing our Jungle topic off with lots of monkeying around. We have made monkeys by cutting and sticking as well as painting with our hands. We have also been doing monkey maths finding the missing monkeys. All this and lots of monkey and ape books too. On Thursday we had lots of fun making pancakes for which we wrote instructions. We also designed our own pancakes on the computer. As you can see the real things look yummy.


After half term we have a bit of a mix of topics so please look at the planning on the curriculum page. In a slight change for Week One we'll be doing lots of activities related to the books the class brought in on the last day. This will help us celebrate book week. Please could your child bring this book back for the week so we can share them again. Plus don't forget the fancy dress day that week. On the Thursday the whole school will be celebrating books by getting into mixed age groups and doing activities based around one classic book (yet to be revealed).


Our cup winner this week is Oliver. He is such a clever learner and a very kind member of Kinder Class. His kindness helps make our school a happy place to be. Our reader of the week is Tyler. He is doing brilliantly with his reading and practises all the time at home. This is really helping him to become a confident reader. Well done both of you. Finally Kinder Class won the attendance award again this week. Great work.


Have a lovely, restful holiday from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.


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Kinder Class have loved learning about snakes and frogs this week. We have made paper plate snakes, done lots of colouring, made snake patterns, a congratulations card for Miss Derbyshire and much, much more. On Wednesday we went to the park and told show and tells of special things we found. We have also enjoyed finding ice on our outdoor area which often formed fantastic shapes. On Friday we performed in front of the school singing our song 'The Little Green Frog'. 


Our pupil of the week is Ibadah. She has done brilliantly to settle into our school half way through the year. She has made lots of friends and is always enthusiastic about her learning. Alice is our reader of the week. She's doing so well in reading and constantly impresses the teachers with her effort. Well done!


Next week we are learning about apes and monkeys. Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



Kinder Class have had a fun week learning about crocodiles. We have been doing crocodile adding, card writing, book reviews and wanted posters for Craig our naughty class crocodile. There have been crocodiles swimming around our playground all week so we have been building stepping stones to avoid them and adding more crocs with paint. William K also shared some real croc pictures with the class during a show and tell. On Friday we learnt about keeping our teeth healthy by sorting healthy and treat foods. 


Our award winners this week are Taylor and William K. Taylor won the class cup for his enthusiasm for learning. He really loves school and is a lovely member of Kinder Class. William won our reading award. He is a superstar reader who is flying through his books! Well done both of you. We also welcomed our new friend Ibadah this week. All the class made her feel very welcome.


Next week our topic is jungle snakes and frogs. Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.



Kinder Class have really enjoyed learning about Elmer the Elephant this week. We have talked and written about what makes us special, painted Elmer pictures and performed our own Elmer plays. Our cup winner this week is William H for always being a confident, enthusiastic learner. Our reader of the week is Ava who always reads beautifully. We also won the school attendence award for the second week running!


Next week we are learning all about crocodiles. One of our books is the Selfish Crocodile about a croc with toothache. So we'll also learn about keeping our teeth clean. Have a lovey weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.

Picture 1 Kinder Class at their tea party.



Kinder Class have had a fun week in school. We have been doing lots of activities based on The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We have been tiger painting, reading tiger fiction and non-fiction, making play-doh buns for our friends, having tea parties, decorating biscuits (in quarters) and practising our hockey skills for PE. In phonics we have been writing sounds on the playground and then jumping to blend them together into words.


Next week we'll be learning about Elmer the Elephant. This will give us lots of opportunities to discuss why we are all special and unique. Have a lovely weekend from Mr Chuck and Mrs Williams.


In Kinder Class this week we have been thinking all about the Jungle. We have found a letter from Rosy (a tree who has lived in the Jungle for over 100 years!) and woodcutters are trying to cut her down! We also got some letters off animals who use Rosy for different things. Children have chosen animals to write about and explained why their chosen animal needs Rosy. In Maths we have been thinking about sharing which the children have been working really hard on, even understanding that sometimes we have remainders that we cannot share.


From next week Mr Chuck will be teaching in Reception. The children have already developed very good relationships with him and they are going to have a great year with him! Please feel free to speak to Mr Chuck to say hello or you have any issues that you wish to discuss, he will always be available after school. Next week we'll be learning about the classic book 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'.


Have a fantastic year and I will see you again in October.

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