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W/C 6.7.20


What is a balanced Diet?


Why is a healthy lifestyle important?


W/C 29.6.20

The Circulatory System


What is the circulatory system?


What is in your blood?

What are blood vessels?





Email your learning so that it can be published on our amazing Gallery. You can decide how to record your learning as long as you don't use an invisible pen.smiley

W/C 22.6.20

The Digestive System


What is the digestive system?


What happens to food in your mouth?


Create a poster about your learning and email it to Mrs Matthews

via Purple Mash or ask your adult to send it to -

15.6.20                                                  BBC BITESIZE

What is a micro-organism?


How do ecosystems work?


You choose how to publish your learning about the above topics.

Please send your learning via email on Purple Mash 

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