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W/C 6.7.20


What is Humanism?


Click on the link above to access BBC Bitesize.

Using your learning from this link and through other research to create a fact file about humanism.

Please share your learning with your adults at home.

Don't forget to email your fact file so that it can be published on our fantastic gallery.


What is Judaism?

Create a fact file about Judaism using BBC Bitesize.  Click on the link above and enjoy researching.




W/C 22.6.20



What is Buddhism?


What is Nirvana Day?


What is Wesak?


Create a fact file about your learning.

Use your artistic skills and record your information clearly and concisely.




What is Hinduism?

What is Holi?

What is Diwali?

Plus 7 Class Clips


Research and create a fact file that you could use to teach Derwent Class about Hinduism.





What is Sikhism

Using BBC BiteSize


What do Sikhs believe?

Research Guru Nanak and the Five K's

What is the Sikh holy book?

Where do Sikhs worship?

What is the Sikh symbol called?

What is the Langar?


Using your research from BBC BiteSize and your learning to date at school, create a poster about Sikhism.


Remember to email your poster to me and I can publish it in our Wye Class Gallery.