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Our School Value: Creativity

Mini Missions!

Have a go at some of the mini missions in the PDF below!

(Parents - this will help build your children's computing skills. I haven't done computing lessons because they are using lots of skills by using email and the computer to learn, but these fun games will build other skills!)

Make Your Own Clock

Using the template below (or if you are really creative you might like to make your own!), make and decorate a clock. You can either stick the numbers and hands on and you could perhaps talk to a grown up about clocks and time. Or if you have split pins at home (or any other creative ways) you could make it so the hands really move! Then you could use it to help with your maths work.


Remember that our value is creativity, see if you can decorate it and make it look pretty!

Make a Board Game

Get a piece of paper and have a go at making your own board game or jigsaw.

Think about how you want to decorate it, what the theme will be, do you need any pieces or a dice? 

What will the rules be?? 

Be as creative as you like! 

Play it with the people who live with you

Pebble Painting

On your walk or in your garden, try and find some stones and pebbles. 

Think about how you are going to decorate them and what they are going to be for. 

You could use paint or felt tips.

smiley Make them pretty to cheer people up and hide them in a local park or on a path

smiley Make characters from your favourite story and use them to retell a story

smiley Make them into animals or characters to play with

smiley Make them shiny and pretty and use them to decorate your bedroom

Have a Teddy Tea Party

Be as creative as you can with this!
You might want to make invitations for your teddys and toys

Decide what food your guests would like, be creative with the menu!

(If you aren't allowed real food you could be extra creative and make some pretend food out of paper or junk modelling!)
Set up a table or picnic blanket with drinks and food for them and have a great time!

You might even want to be creative and have some music in the background!

Picture 1

Sock Puppet

Find an old sock (maybe one that has holes in!)

Think about how you can turn that sock into a creature. What creature do you want to turn it into? Is it going to be a person, an animal, an alien, a fairy, a dinosaur? 

Stick bits on it, sew bits on it, colour it in or paint it!

I can't wait to see you pictures!


Maybe once it is done you could put on a puppet show for your family or friends (maybe your grown ups could record it and send it to me!) 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Den Building

Have a look in your garden or on a walk, can you collect up materials to make a den out of sticks? 

If you can't find outside things, what else can you find? You could try using blankets, cushions and chairs inside to make a cosy den. 

What will use your den for? I like watching films in a den made out of blankets!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Experiment with Colour Mixing

Can you remember how we looked at colour mixing when we were at school? We looked at primary colours and how if we mix them together we can make secondary colours. We also learned how if we add white or black we can make a colour lighter or darker. 


Get out some paints, crayons or felt tips. Have a go at mixing colours together and see if you can make any new colours you haven't seen before. Can you use the colours you make to make a picture??

Picture 1