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Here is the Medium term planning for Derwent Class.

This gives an overview of what we are covering this half term.


Have a look at the different subjects and try to do something related to the learning.


Watch related videos on YouTube, search the internet, look at the activities on Purple Mash, and explore BBC Bitesize for activities to help you with your learning.

I have added some links to the resources we will be using in school.


Science  MONDAY

I hope you will enjoy this week's Science. 

Let's explore SOUND

This week we are thinking about pitch in music.

Pitch is whether a note is high or low.

Listen to a piece of music or song that you like.

Notice when it is loud and when it is quiet, when the notes go high and when the notes go low.





Watch this video and draw your own castle.

Add details such as a forest, ocean, mountains, fields and characters- a witch, a dragon, some adventurous children, tourists.



Today we are going to compare Milford with a village in Wales called Manorbier.

Use the sheets below to find out about Manorbier and fill in the sections about Milford. Write a sentence and draw a picture for each of the Milford boxes.

You can add any information you like to explain what Milford is like.

Think about the river, the roads, school, shops, population, history, the jobs people do, pubs and restaurants, the language we speak.


It's French today which is difficult to do at home.

Have a look at some of the French activities below and choose something you would like to do.

All the activities will help you to learn about France or to remember the French that you have learned.


As you know , Friday is our PE day.

If you are at home, you may need to be creative about your PE.


Here are some ideas: 

 Make up a fitness routine: star jumps   squats   running or walking on the spot   going up stairs  running round the garden,  press ups,  criss-cross jumps

Create a dance routine or find a Just Dance routine that you like.

Set yourself a skipping challenge.

Ball skills- use whatever you have a home: throwing against the wall, scoring a goal, hitting with a bat, racquet or stick, rolling, aiming them into a bucket or at a target, dribbling around an obstacle course.

An on line fitness activity- check with your parents-and make sure it's suitable for children.

OR anything else you can think of to get you active.