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Other Curriculum:Music: Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens


I like this piece of music and I hope you will too.


LISTEN: Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens
RESPOND: Choose a way that appeals to you to respond to this music. Here are a few suggestions:


*Find out about Camille Saint-Saensëns

You could write about him, draw his portrait, listen to some of his other music.


*Draw some of the animals from the piece of music.


*Create a piece of music (make your own instruments out of junk or house hold items) for a pet, or for an animal that you like.


*Design an outfit for a carnival animal e.g a wonderful red top hat for Squidlington Bootworthy. This could be a design plan ( annotated diagram), picture ( Squid in a hat) or the actual costume (make the hat out of red card and sequins)


*Choreograph (create) a dance for one of the sections of the music. Think how the animal would move and try to show that in the dance.


Have fun and show me if you can.