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Message From Mrs Matthews and Mrs Dodd



Good Morning Team Wye,


We hope you and your family are all well and are ready for another week of discovery.  


Tasks as ever are under the Kingfisher Subject icons plus you will find all your English activities in the Purple Mash 2DOs. 


Don't forget to listen to the weekly Assembly from Mrs Kinsella and the Time For You Club, both accessed through the Milford Class Page.  Please keep your speed up on TT Rock Stars  and access the books available online through the Reading icon.


We have an extra challenge this week - please research the extremely distressing images of "Lockdown Litter" that very careless people have left around our environment. The countryside, coastal areas and city centres have all been impacted as a result of a lack of respect for our planet. We fully understand where that litter will end up and the threat it poses to marine life.  Your challenge is to start a campaign that will help all our population to Respect Our Environment . We can do it, remember dinner time with single use plastics.  #Respect Our Environment


Thanks again for the excellent work you have emailed in, I trust you like us are also proud of our Wye Class Gallery


#Take care, smile and make somebody happy every day. smiley


Mrs Matthews and Mrs Dodd