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MATHS tasks  : minimum-practise X tables

: X Tables: Y3 focus:  X 8    Y4 focus  X 7

How to practise: Purple Mash 2dos for the X table focus. Write it Chant it  Mixed up order quiz   Dance and say it to the rhythm    Purple Mash Calculator X tables   Times Tables Rock Stars.


Main Activity:

Follow the link to the BBC Bitesize page.
Select your Year group and then look for today’s maths lesson. It will be at the top of the page. Try out the different learning activities.

If you think it was a bit tricky, you could try the maths for the year group below you. This will keep your skills going.

If you would like a challenge, look at the year group above (but remember you might not have learned these skills yet!)

If you enjoy maths, you could always write your own maths questions based on what you have learned today. Don't forget that I'm waiting for your maths challenge.