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X Tables: This week our focus is on X 10

Spend some time practising this times table.

Ideas for practising: 

Go on Times Tables Rock Stars

Complete the homework 2dos on Purple Mash.

Write it out in number sentences like this: 1 X 10 = 10    2 X 10 = 20  3 X 10 = 30 and so on.

Pretend to be the teacher and teach your cuddly toys.

Say the times table out loud 3 times.

Make it into a song.

Play a times tables game on a computer or tablet.

Ask a grown up to test you on it.

Count in 10 s on your fingers.


Main Activity

This week we are continuing with our work on Place Value.


Choose the right booklet for you to print out and work through the tasks.

If you find a task very tricky, miss it out and try the next task.