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Lego Maths

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Notes for parents:

This week we are going to be recapping our number work that we did earlier in the year.


Today we are looking at addition. I would like the children to start with the 'must do' sheet. (Just do the last sheet!) I am hoping the children will find the first addition sheet fairly easy and will have time to move on to the next sheet. 


Year 1 -> I have recommended that Year 1 move onto the number bonds questions. I need the children to know these off by heart ready for Year 2, so if your child doesn't know these then this is a good time to start practising these. If your child is confident with their number bonds they could go onto the addition to 30 sheets.


Year 2 -> I have recommended that Year 2 move onto the addition to 30 questions. However, if your child isn't sure of their number bonds to 10 this could be an opportunity to practice their number bonds. If your child wants to challenge themselves beyond addition to 30 they could make their own addition question using bigger numbers.