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Lego Maths

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Miss Latham explains Lego Place Value and Addition

Can you partition these numbers into tens and ones?

Notes for Parents: 

Today we are looking at place value and how we can use this to help us add 2 digit numbers. 


The children should begin by using the place value mat to partition (split) the numbers into tens and ones. 

Encourage them to arrange the Lego cubes on the mat in an ordered way, rather than just putting them on randomly. They should now be able to see that 2 digit numbers are made up of tens and ones. 


If your child has got on okay with partitioning, they could then start to have a go at adding 2 digit numbers. They can watch my video explaining how to do it and then use their Lego and place value mat to help them as I do in the video. (There are some easier questions and then some harder, challenge, questions!)


Year 1 - focus on partitioning (but can try adding 2 digit numbers if they want to/feel able)

Year 2 - quick practise of partitioning but then focus on adding 2 digit numbers