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W/C 6.7.20

Learn what the Earth can tell us about the weather with

Sir David Attenborough


Weather Patterns

Currents and Oceans

Latitude and Climate


Record your learning and write a letter of thanks to

Sir David Attenborough.


Using BBC BiteSize revisit the Oceans of the world and investigate currents. Create a fact file to present your learning. Click on the link below.


Can you name the oceans of the world?

What are ocean currents?


W/C 22.6.20


Natural Resources

What are natural resources?


Learning about agricultural and geological resources?


What natural resources do you use in your everyday life?


Make notes in your workbook whilst watching the clips and then you decide how to present your learning. Email your final presentation and it can be added to our Wye Class Gallery.

Share your new knowledge with a family member, I am sure they will be proud.smiley


15.6.20 - Respecting our Environment


Join the marine wildlife mission with Blue Planet

to learn about the oceans, food webs & sustainability.

Learn how to respect your environment and the impact your actions have on our planet. Click on the link below and enjoy your learning experience.

You will find further links below for the 3 activity sheets needed, pause the clip when using the sheets.

*Save paper by trying not to print and complete each task in your workbook* 


Blue Planet Live Lesson


Activity 1 Food Webs


Activity 2 Sustainability and Recycling


Activity 3 Reduce, Reuse Recycle


*Challenge - To Create a Poster to Inform Amber Class About Respecting Our Environment*