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Harry Potter

Hogwarts Express Ticket

You will need a ticket to get on the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts. Print this ticket off and use it to play or you could have a go at making your own. 

I love all the detailed patterns around the edge, do you think you could do a pattern around yours?

Sensory Writing Tray

Make a writing tray by putting glitter, sand, flour or sugar on a tray. Use a stick or a magic wand to write words in the tray. 

You could try writing your common exception words to practice spelling them or you could write spells or magic words. 

A train journey to 'Hogwarts' - Secret Britain: Series 2 Episode 3 - BBC One

Watch this video showing you behind the scenes of the Hogwarts Express and where it really is.

Broomstick Craft

Make your own broomstick for your Quidditch lessons. 

This website shows you how you could do it.

House Bookmarks

Follow the instructions on this website to make these Harry Potter house bookmarks.

Cardboard Tube Witches and Wizards

Harry Potter Word Search

Harry Potter I Spy