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Giving Back to People Who Help Us


You can design and send a postcard to the frontline staff and people on the wards working for Nottinghamshire health care. The message they would like you to put on it is 'Sending You Hope'. Be as creative as you like and make it look fantastic! You can send your pictures to my email - and I will pass them on or to the email addresses below. 


You can also post them to 

Emma Watson

Duncan Macmillan House

Porchester Road




Your own thank you!

Think of some one who has helped you over lockdown, maybe your grown ups who have been looking after you and helping you with you home learning, maybe your grandparents or other people who have helped you by giving you things or giving you ideas. Maybe someone like a friend who has called you or face timed you and cheered you up. 

Make a card or picture that will make them smile to say thank you for making you smile mail 

See if your grown up can help you post it or take a picture and send it to them!

Thank you Key Workers

Have a look on this website for some lovely ideas for pictures you can make to thank key workers laugh

The ideas include...

yes Making a hand print rainbow

yes Leaving a message or present for your postie

yes Colour in a printable thank you key workers picture

yes Chalk a thank you message outside

yes Draw a rainbow in your window

#Thumbs up for your Postie

The Royal Mail are the people who deliver our letters, cards and parcels. They are still working even when most of us are staying at home. 

To say thank you for all their hard work we can make a poster for them to see when they deliver post. 

They have also suggested you might like to give them a thumbs up when you see them, or maybe take a photo of yourself sticking your thumbs up! 

More information can be found on their website.


I made a poster for my window! It was my Mum's birthday over Easter and the postie still managed to get her birthday cards to her! laugh