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Your ENGLISH learning  minimum - READ

Spelling: Practise your spellings by writing them in capital letters.

Sentence Spellers: home  those  woke  hope  hole  June  rule  rude  use  tube

Y3 Spellers: earth  answer   busy   centre   century   describe   exercise   February  occasion  straight

Y4 Spellers: purpose  straight   surprise   therefore   pressure   peculiar   heard   important  interest   consider


 Reading: Read your own choice of book for at least ten minutes.


Main Activity: Story time 

Listen to this story from Africa. It is about the animals who live there...but not in the desert. I hope you enjoy it.

The First Music:

Now you are going to plan a story about the animals that live in the desert. Maybe they fall out. They could be on a search for water. Perhaps it is one of the animal's birthday- how do they celebrate? An animal could have got lost or have lost something important. You can choose.

You will need:

a beginning which describes the desert and introduces your characters

a middle with a problem and action

an ending where the problem is solved

Draw pictures to plan out your story.