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Your ENGLISH learning  minimum - READ

Spelling: Practise your spellings by writing them with your finger in the air.

Sentence Spellers: home  those  woke  hope  hole  June  rule  rude  use  tube

Y3 Spellers: earth  answer   busy   centre   century   describe   exercise   February  occasion  straight

Y4 Spellers: purpose  straight   surprise   therefore   pressure   peculiar   heard   important  interest   consider


 Reading: Read your own choice of book for at least ten minutes.


Main Activity

You are going to find out about different animals that live in the desert and complete an information page about one of them. If you are at home you can choose what animal you want to write about.

Look at the presentation.

You can also read the Animal fact sheets. There are quite a few so reading on your device is best-not printing.

Choose an animal and complete the Desert Animal fact file. Just print the page you need or you can write on a piece of paper and draw a picture. Remember to use quality writing skills and to write as neatly as you can.