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Your ENGLISH learning  minimum - READ

Spelling: Practise your spellings by saying the letters out loud.


Sentence Spellers: unhappy   undo   unload   unfair   unlock   unwell   unable   unplug   unkind   unsafe

Y3 Spellers: sentence   notice   recent   innocent   parcel   process   grocer   December   distance   voice

Y4 Spellers: children’s   people's  men’s  mice’s   women’s   geese’s  fishermen’s  oxen’s  teeth’s   police’s


 Reading: Read your own choice of book for at least ten minutes.


Main Activity: Adjectives

Use the pictures in the presentation. Record your adjective ideas on the Animal Adjectives sheet. If you can 't print then write them on a piece of paper.

Look at each picture of a tundra animal. Write a list of 5 adjectives to describe it.

Tomorrow you will use these word lists to help you write some descriptive paragraphs.