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Your ENGLISH learning for this week



Read for at least ten minutes every day. 

You can read your reading book or a book from home, out loud to an adult or to yourself.

Ask an adult to sign your planning.


You will find Guided Reading tasks through the week- on the same day as we do them in school.

Phonics: There are some phonics activities on Purple Mash. 

I have set some as homework but you can do any others as well.

Purple Mash > Home > English > Phonics > Phase 4 Or Phase 5 > Phonics Cloze


Spelling: Practise your spellings every day. Copy the list in your neatest writing. Use the words in sentences. Look the words up in a dictionary. Write them in a fancy writing style or using crayons. How quickly can you write the list correctly?


Remember: If you are finding them very difficult you can focus on five

 Blue Spellers:  pack  puff  buzz  fizz  off  miss  well  back  dress  shell
 Green Spellers: difficult famous extreme guide heart history popular minute natural believe
 Purple Spellers: notice ordinary certain suppose breathe increase recent quarter group island

Your spelling homework 2do has been set on Purple Mash.



This week is our assessment week. On Monday and Tuesday we will be doing our assessments in school.

If you have to be at home all week ask your parents to let me know and I will send you the assessment booklets. Wednes day and Thursday are our story writing days.

Here are a few other activities to do in between or while you wait for them to arrive.

You can also look on Purple Mash for Phonics, Spelling or Grammar activities.



WEDNESDAY Story Planning

Plan a story that takes place in a castle. It can be nowadays or it can be long ago.

Use the picture of your castle to help you think of ideas.

Draw 4 pictures to show what happens in your story.

Practise your story by saying it out loud.

Try to make it lively and full of interesting words.

THURSDAY Story Writing

Write the story that you planned and practised yesterday either at school or at home.

This is your assessment story so make it as good as you can.

Remember to have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Use describing words.

Can you use some different types of sentence?

Check that you have put a capital letter at the beginning of every sentence and don't forget full stops at the end.

Include some interesting words.

Write neatly.

When you have finished, read your story out loud. Does it make sense?

Check your spelling. 

Now do 3 things to make it even better.


Friday is Spelling day

Did you do all your assessments? 

If you did you can have a treat and watch a film this morning.

BUT- while you watch do the Look Say Cover Write Check for your spelling group.


Your new homework will be on Purple Mash 2dos this evening.