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Week Commencing 11th January 2021




Look at the pictures (see PDF above – a ration book, Anderson shelter, propaganda posters, photos of children being evacuated.

What do they tell you about life in Britain during WW2? Tell children that life the ‘Home Front’ referred to civilians being mobilised to help the war effort in a very regulated manner. Watch this recount of evacuation:

Where did children go?

Children were sent from cities to places where there was less risk of air raids. Many London children went to Devon, Cornwall and Wales.

Other children moved to villages in the North, East Anglia and Scotland. Evacuees went to live with host families.

Their new homes were called 'billets'. 'Billeting officers' arranged for people to look after the children. Things did not always go to plan.

Some children ended up in the wrong places. Sometimes evacuees just stood in a line, and local people picked which children to take.

A smaller number of children (perhaps 10,000) went to other countries such as Canada, Australia and the United States.


Research and record details and facts relating to evacuation.

When did it first start? Where did the children go? Why did they go? What did they take with them?

You chose how to present your notes and facts – spider diagram, pictures with labels, bubble map etc.

The following website may be of use for children to understand evacuation:

Tasks for 6th, 7th and 8th January 2021

Daily English lessons can also be accessed on The Oak National Academy website using the link below.  Check out the schedule for either Year 5 or Year 6.