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Our Curriculum


At Milford Primary School we are committed to nurturing our pupils to enable them to become responsible global citizens.


We believe our pupils are entitled to an exciting, rich curriculum that provides them with the skills and knowledge needed for life beyond primary school.


We are committed to creating a stimulating learning environment which gives the children the best start to their education.

Curriculum Planning

Reading scheme: Oxford Reading Tree          Phonics scheme: Letters and Sounds


What does your child learn at school each day? Find out what each class is learning about this term.

Kinder Autumn Term Planning
Amber Class Autumn Term planning
Derwent Class Autumn Term Planning
Wye Class Autumn Planning

Curriculum Progression Statements

For each national curriculum subject, we have produced a set of progression statements, showing the progression of knowledge and skills in that subject from EYFS to Year 6.  These documents are used by the teachers to guide their planning, enabling them to build on the prior knowledge of the children.  They are also used to chart the progress of pupils in each subject.

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