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Other Curriculum Medium Term Planning



Using natural materials design and collage a picture of your Monster or Beast.

Please photograph your Artwork and email it to me. The plan is to create a display of all your work over our isolation period in school.

Good Luck!

Mrs Matthews

Mon 16.11.20

RE Diwali

Create a fact file, poster or PowerPoint to publish your research about Diwali.

Use the internet to expand your research



SCIENCE – Forces

Please join the two lessons below from The National Oak Academy to build on your learning about forces.

Record your learning and do not forget to email. Have Fun!

What are Contact Forces?


What are Non-Contact Forces?



PSHE LO: I can understand the impact of everybody’s actions.

Using the LS Lowry painting from last week think and if possible discuss the role of the bystander: did they watch, help or egg him on?

Create a neat spider web of your thoughts. Email so that we can compare our thoughts.


History Who Were the Ancient Greek Philosophers?

Create a fact file or PowerPoint to answer the question above.

Use your research skills on the internet and the lesson from The National Oak Academy below.


Computing Coding

Coding Quiz

Check out your 2Dos on Purple Mash – Helicopter Swipe and Turtle Road Crossing



What was the Golden Age of Greece?

Join Oak National Academy to support your learning

LO: I can create a fact file about the Golden Age of Greece.



Create your own Pudsey picture and display it in your window to brighten up your street.





Using the painting above "The Fight" by L.S.Lowry predict what may have happened that led to this scene.

Discuss with an adult if possible.  Use your thoughts to create a storyboard and then write an account about what happened.


Don't forget to send your work for me to review at the end of the day.


Have fun!


Science - Forces


Your learning this afternoon is - How can we measure the size of forces?

Use the link below to access the video lesson to support answering this question.


Don't forget to email your learning either by purplemash or ask your adult to email via my school address at 


Building on yesterday - May The Force Be With You!


Mrs Matthews