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Assembly 6.7.20

Assembly July 6th

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Recycling Song Jack Johnson 3Rs

Earth Day Song | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle | The 3 R's of Recycling

Video: Earth Day Song | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Grade Levels: All Grades 🍎 Check out our ever-growing library of math songs at 🍎 ""...

Assembly 29th June

Assembly 23rd June

How To Draw Tree Silhouette Step by Step

Thanks for watching our Channel. how to draw tree branches easy, how to draw tree branches without leaves, how to draw dead tree branches, how to draw realis...

Some great ideas for painting trees in this video

Watch 8 AWESOME DRAWING TRICKS FOR KIDS you will know how to draw a tree for kids easy way with cotton swabs, drawing flowers with a bottle or amazing blosso...

Use this sheet to identify different tree leaves

Use this sheet to identify trees by their twigs!

Art based on the assembly book

Assembly June 15th

Sing along to this song from the Lorax film - it shows the main character in the film planting the last Truffula tree seed.

Dr. Seus' The Lorax "Let it Grow!" Lyrics


Watch this recent news report that shows the destruction of the Amazonian rainforest.  Every minute an area of a football pitch is destroyed.

Amazon Deforestation - BBC News

Brazilian officials have told the BBC that there's been an aggressive increase in deforestation since the election of President Bolsonaro in January. An area...

You can't grow a Truffula tree but maybe you could grow a sunflower and see how tall it grows.

Here are some instructions.

This week's assembly is based on the story 'The Lorax'

Assembly June 8th

The Lorax has also been made into  film.  It has lots of extra bits that aren't in the book but it still has the same important message about respecting our environment.  You can watch a 10 minute excerpt from the film here.

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax | 10 Minute Preview | Film Clip |

Watch these videos and read the leaflet then design your own poster to tell people about the countryside code.

The Countryside Code (2004, UK)

The Creature Comforts formula is carried onto a PIF that lets you know how comfortable the critters are in their habitat and why you should respect it. Direc...

Coronavirus - Travelling to outdoor spaces

Defra's guidance when visiting the British countryside

Watch this (very old) video and list all the ways Joe and Petunia  break the country code.

Joe & Petunia-"The Country Code"

Another Public Information Film-from 1971.Hugely popular,the red-faced dancing farmer is still funny as ever.