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Art and D/T

W/C 13.7.20

Street Art

Learn about the basics of street art, including some of the skills and techniques used so that you can have a go at creating your own masterpiece!


W/C 6.7.20


Optical Illusions and Using Shading to Show Form


In this lesson join the Oak National Academy to look at an Optical Illusion artwork

before creating your own.


You will learn to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional.


Investigate and be inspired by the British artist Bridget Riley.


W/C 29.6.20

How can we use visual texture to add interest to our artwork?

Use the link above from the Oak National Academy to investigate how Vincent van Gogh used visual texture in his sketchbook, then explore pencil and mark-making to enhance your own work.


W/C 22.6.20

A Texture Treasure Hunt from The Oak National Academy

Click on the link below and learn about texture, the artist Max Ernst and the technique of frottage.


Please email your Artwork for publication on our Gallery.


Week Commencing 15.6.20  Evaluate your Recycling Art Work


Product Evaluation Form

(Save paper and draw your own table in your workbook)

What materials have you used to construct your product?






Does your product match your design, if not why did you make the alterations?






What are the best features of your product?






How could you improve your product?






8.6.20              Recycling Artwork


Use your design from last week and make your Recycled Artwork. 

If you have made it already you could make another.

Don't forget to photograph your creations and email them to me and I'll add them to our Gallery.

If you are stuck for an idea check out our Gallery and be a Magpie.



Week Commencing 1.6.20

Recycling Artwork

Design a piece of artwork using only recycled materials.

Collect the materials you need.

Photograph your design and email it to me by the end of the week.

The plan is to make it the following week.

Below are some of my favourites, these may inspire you.