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Last week we were learning about Antarctica (which we know is around the South Pole). This week we are looking at the Artic (the North Pole). 


First, I want you to have a look on a map or globe and see if you can think where the North Pole could be. 


Have a look at the powerpoints below to find out about what it is like in the Arctic and the animals that live there. 


Can you make a fact file of the information you find out, like we did last week? - email me your work, I can't wait to see what you find out!!


If you would like a challenge: 
We know that the South Pole and the North Pole are the coldest places on earth, were might the hottest places be? Have a look on a map or a globe. You could research this and let us know!


Today we are doing an 'ice rescue' in school. Miss Latham has frozen some characters into some ice.

We are going to investigate the best ways to rescue them using the materials we have got. 

We are going to try and find out which material is best for melting the ice. 


If you have the time to freeze some ice figures at home you could also do this. If not you could have a think about what the best way to get toys trapped in the ice out. (Remember, you can't smash or break the ice, because we don't want to hurt the toys inside!)


Write down your prediction and get your grown ups to email it to us so we can see what you are thinking.